Dutchboy Maxbond Exterior Paint - No Prep Work Claim?

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Dutchboy Maxbond Exterior Paint - No Prep Work Claim?

Post by jackson »

This seems too good to be true. But it is indeed what they are offering, with a lifetime warranty. I was planning on going with Sherman Duration but am not so sure with all the horror stories of it pulling old oil based paint right off on a small percentage of older houses with many layers. My Sherman Williams rep said he would probably advise me to use Super Paint and not Duration because it couldn't be guaranteed. The Dutchboy Maxbond would be about the same price as SW superpaint , right around $38 a gallon but with a better warranty and less work to apply it. So I'm wondering does anybody have experience with Dutchboys new polymer maxbond paint and what is the reasonable amount of time I could hope to have it last? How does it compare with Duration or Superpaint. Here is what Dutchboy says:

Dura Weather® MAXBOND™ with Interpenetrating Polymer Technology (IPT) provides superior adhesion on chalky, dirty or glossy surfaces without prepping or priming.
Key Features

-Superior adhesion to chalky, dirty, previously painted, or glossy surfaces
-One-coat coverage without powerwashing or sanding
-35°F low-temperature application extends painting season
-Lifetime Warranty

http://www.dutchboy.com/products/exteri ... /index.jsp

I can't find any evidence of these claims to be true or untrue, but a no prep paint with a lifetime warranty is making a compelling case for it's use on our house next spring! We do have a house built in ~1886 and thus would have many coats of oil and most likely some lead based paint. We do have a brick house and this would be mainly the trim but much of it is 40 feet up and I don't want to have to do it every 5 years. THANKS FOR ANY IDEAS / STORIES regarding experiences with Dutchboy maxbond paint.


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Re: Dutchboy Maxbond Exterior Paint - No Prep Work Claim?

Post by angolito »

yes, they will give you the paint to replace it when it fails ( not "IF") but you will be stuck repainting yourself. :?

i know a house that was done with the Dutchboy paint and it is peeling like a badly sunburned child who spent a week in nassau with no sunscreen .

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Re: Dutchboy Maxbond Exterior Paint - No Prep Work Claim?

Post by SkipW »

I worry any time a paint company advertises "no prep", "self priming", "covers bad surfaces", etc.

Any good paint job requires proper preparation. For any paint to 'stick' you ned a good surface for it to stick to.

For reference, imagine sticking a piece of tape on your windshield right after washing and drying your car....then imagine doing the same thing after driving from NYC to Wash DC in the winter without windshield wipers and then letting your car sit overnight... you would have a bit of an issue getting it to stay I would imagine.

I have painted several houses with Duration. All seem to weather well but the oldest job is six years old.I have not used any DutchBoy paint, so I cannot compare.

On my own house, a shingled cape style cottage built in 1907, I reshingled much of it but the existing shingles that were in good shape look almost new with good prep and Duration. The shingles in 'not so good shape' on parts of the back still look like old shingles in not so good shape, but are very well protected and weather well with two coats of Duration.


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Re: Dutchboy Maxbond Exterior Paint - No Prep Work Claim?

Post by Thomolli »

I received an email from SW "Four Day Super Sale" Nov. 4th-7th 40% off all paints and stains 30% off all supplies.

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Re: Dutchboy Maxbond Exterior Paint - No Prep Work Claim?

Post by jade mortimer »

those sorts of claims from a paint company remind me of a lousy lunch meat--BALONEY!!
75% of any good paint job is preparation...we are being conditioned to believe that faster and easier is a preferred method in any home improvement task...indeed, it is true, if your paint fails, dutchboy will hand you a few gallons of paint, give you a slap on the back and point you in the direction of your house with peeling paint... :roll:

there are only a few guarantees in life and 50 year paint ain't one of 'em!

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Re: Dutchboy Maxbond Exterior Paint - No Prep Work Claim?

Post by jackson »

First, thanks for all the responses, each of these helps and I'm sure some other people are going to eventually see the claims of this paint and since consumer reports or anybody else has really written about it yet, I guess this discussion will be a documentation of what we know right now (I just googled Dutchboy Maxbond Exterior and this thread came up near the top!) I don't think anybody wants to be a guinea pig for this kind of thing, but inevitably someone will have to put it to the test.

I'm cynical by nature and so even following up on it this far has tested my own patience. I'm with you guys...absolutely the opposite of what every other paint manufacture says about prep. When everyone says one thing and someone sticks out of the pack and says another it's pretty easy to shrug em off as idiots...which was my first inclination. But as much as I'd like to throw this idea in the trash, I keep wondering whether it may be possible that they could've reinvented a new chemical polymer mixture that shakes up the world of exterior paint.

If what they say is true, this could save many of us a lot of time, money, and headaches - a month or more/ $5000+. I'm trying to figure out if Dutchboy really believes their own claims, or if this is all just a marketing scheme that they've worked out the numbers to, figuring the extra sales will bring in more than enough to recoup the losses incurred due to warranty claims (thereby earning them more money overall on the maxbond line than if they did not make the no prep claims).

I find the lifetime warranty claims of any mfg dubious, I'd be happy if a paint lasted 10-15 years without breaking down. As for the mfgs that do offer a lifetime warranty, yeah - they give you the paint and point you in the direction of your house. And I'm sure all of them have calculated the average amount of time a homeowner stays in a home and that most will move before the paint breaks down (warranty non transferable to new owners), and also that most homeowners will void the warranty by not taking the time to do proper prep work or put on the correct amount of coats.

Still, Dutchboy doesn't seem to be shying away from their claims (:44 in the clip is their "commercial"). Their was a point in our past when common knowledge dictated that latex would never beat oil, and now latex is effectively a better product. Is it marketing scheme or the real deal - a new era of exterior paint?


The big question is does anyone have actual experience or additional info with Dutchboys Maxbond line, or the warranty dept of other Dutchboy products? The only person I have found was a guy who painted Maxbond over his vinyl siding, absolutely no prep - didn't even wash it beforehand, one coat and it is has held up for two snowy Midwest winters so far. He said he's happy with it.

Big Thanks Again Everyone!


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Re: Dutchboy Maxbond Exterior Paint - No Prep Work Claim?

Post by cs »

You may be over-thinking this:
  • Either their claim is true, and, as you said, they have "reinvented a new chemical polymer mixture" that sticks to cruddy paint without prep. Then, wouldn't it stand to reason that with proper prep it will stick even better?

    Or the claim is false, in which case doing proper paint prep and using good quality paint, with the best guarantee you can find, would be the right choice. From what you said, the best guarantee may be this product as well.
Either way, it doesn't sound like you have to make a decision until spring. And still doing proper paint prep would be in your best interest. There's lots of time to do more research.

You might also consider emailing the company. The marketing folks for this new product will be aware of this thread soon enough, so you might as well point it out to them and let them know your concerns. If they know you are likely to be posting publicly about your experience, my guess is they will be quite helpful in making your project a success. Just a thought.


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